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Directions for Kun Yuan Dan
 ¡°Kun Yuan Dan¡±, former name ¡°Qing Gong Wan¡±, is a traditional Chinese medicine preparation developed by an old doctor of traditional Chinese medicine who has rich clinical experiences for many years. Woman who has gynecological diseases regards ¡°Kun Yuan Dan¡± as treasures.  The medicine has got the permission of Public Health Bureau of Shaanxi Province.
Main Ingredients:
Dragon¡¯s blood (Daemonorops draco BI.), borneol, centipede, batryticated£¬silkworm and others amount to ten famous and treasure chinese traditional medicines
Functions and Main Indications:
Diminishing inflammation, clearing away heat and detoxicating, removing peculiar smell, arresting itching, removing necrosis and promoting granulation, adjusting endocrine-metabolic anomaly, arresting freckle and improving your looks.
Effect of Medicine:
This medicine has strong adsorption, as being put into vagina, it can clear and activate the channels and collaterals, through the smell of the pill, it will reach nidi and the peculiar smell and foreign body in the cervical would be adsorbed around the pill and be taken off, and the pill can also heal the erosion quickly.
Cervical erosion, Cervical myoma.
Foreign odor, Leukorrhea with reddish discharge, Pelvic infection, Adnexitis, vaginitis of middle and old age, Pudenda pruritus and Colpomycosis.
Paints in waist and lower extremities caused by gynaopathy and other diseases.
Warnings and Indications
1. Open the outside plastic cover and check whether the pill is well dressed;
2. The pill, which dressed by sterile gauze, should be deeply put into vagina; a length of thread should be left outside;
3. Keep the pill in body in 3 to 5 days and then exchange it with new ones. 2 packages are for one course of treatment (6 pills in each package). After administering one pill without any unwell feeling, it can be continuously administered. It is recommended for some patients that even it may feel ordor, fillip and hypogastria stitch, and the pill should be continuously administered;
4. After the administration, wash the private parts with the complimentary gift. (Put the gift pill into boiling water of 2-3 cups for 5 to 8 min. soaking, then wash the private parts).
Contraindicated in pregnancy and in period.
For external use only.
Term of validity: 3 years
Storage: Store in a cool and dry place
Patent No. :
ZL 200520079032.1
Sanction number: 
Shaanxi Hygiene Disinfection Certificate (2003) No.0101


The length of the outer box


The width of the outer box


The height of the outer box



6 pack pill (1 pill in each package) and 6 pack lotion



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