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preserve one's health

preserve one's health
Health Bag
Hot Compress Bag
Hot Compress Care Bag
Hot Compress Care Bag is a Chinese herbal medicine kits, which is composed of dozens of pure natural herbs, after a stringent selection of pieces, and then combined processing. Of our many experts, through long-term exploration, bringing together in the heat of traditional medicine, branding iron, smoked roasted, drug deposited substandard governance practices, the rapid penetration of drug through the heat into the skin, into the circulatory system, stimulate the meridians of the gas and clear the meridians, regulating body, to mobilize the human microcirculation system results wonders.
1. Place your belly button can be sparse manager of gas, through the meridians, anti-inflammatory analgesic, conditioning limbs and organs function. Caused by the Alpine low back pain, leg pain, arthritis, put it on the abdomen 7 times and then moved to the lesion site direct heat, to blood smooth. In severe cases, after the use of Tai Chi Incense and then place the Hot Compress Care Bag at the lesion site, with better use of conditioning.
2. Kidney lower back pain, impotence, premature ejaculation, abdominal distension and poor treatment can be carried out incense, and then place it on the lower abdomen, after 7 heat transfer into the waist.
3. When used in patients with prostate disease may be hot in the abdomen or waist, the temperature appropriate, bag, and sitting directly up and down movement.
4. Dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation, pelvic inflammatory disease, inflammation in the abdomen compress attachments, if used Kun Yuan Dan the same time, and the result will be better. Dysmenorrhea unmarried women can be directly placed in the lower abdomen.
The kits on the steamer, the first steam 25 minutes (can be reduced to 15 minutes later), then place the towel on the sick, and then put the kit on the towel until it cooling., once a day, every package can be used 30 times.
Matters need attention:
Hot compress the lesion site appears irregular scar and its surrounding heat there will be pain, which is detoxification reaction, sure to stick with until the symptoms disappear.
In use, Hot Compress Care Bag is hot and relatively fast penetration of drugs to the body, can be hand pat it to help drug penetration. For delay could put a piece of plastic sheeting on top of it to heat or hot water bottle until cool so far. Not just in the warm or cool with is the time to get it.
Adaption crowd: Men and women safe.
Taboo: Menstruation, pregnancy disabled.








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