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Tai Chi Incense
Treasure-house of the Chinese nation-- traditional Chinese medicine, containing mystery, a care treatment of incense is one of them, a care treatment of incense is the inheritance and development of acupuncture and moxibustion, it is one of ways of internal diseases treated with external therapy, it can cure prevention and care. By smoking in the meridian points, after a few minutes treatment, appears thermal, tremors sense, pressure, itching sensation and changing color of skin, accordingly combination therapy to special care and cure diseases.
Through the meridians, promoting blood circulation, adjusting dirty abdominal function, balance of yin and yang, removing heat, swelling pain, openning the inhibited lung-energy, relieving a cough, stopping asthma. Such as malignant disease, according to the smoke, then fire dissipated, search for all parts of the lesions have spread, shrink back to the original lesion, as has been ulceration, can be smoked lights up the toxic water or pus and blood, then recovered slowly shut, do not scarring.
A variety of tumors, cancer, canker, swelling of unknown toxicity, osteomyelitis, cerebral hypoplasia, cerebral palsy, cough, lymph nodes, headache, limb numbness, skin diseases, itching, animal bites, mosquito bites, diabetes, etc. Particularly effective against asthma.
To a lit incense, slowly fire-cured clockwise around the lesion, the virus slowly raised to the skin, the eye can see irregular blocks and bruising blocks of red (red is yang, purple is yin), soon Yin becomes yang., if it continued, the Red Cloud will pass away, if truly shine lesions, there is a sense of intense pain, the fire left the pain lasts, if it repeated smoked a few minutes the pain will disappear, if later insist smoked daily, but each time only smokes 30-60 minutes, once or twice a day more serious, can be so quickly cured disease.
In a dry place, prevent dampness.
Term of validity: 2 years
Patent No. : ZL200330110660.8

The length of the outer box 250mm
The width of the outer box 150mm
The height of the outer box 60mm
Quantity 10/box
Product images

The length of the incense 240mm
diameter of the incense 24.5mm

The length of the outer box 250mm
The width of the outer box 150mm
The height of the outer box 60mm

10/boxes 10 incenses per bo
The length of the incense 240mm
The diameter of the incense 24.5mm

We can according to customerí»s demand, the length of each incense for change; For products overpack, can be designed by customer self, wan can only provide final products;


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